Mishmash Me

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mash Thursday

It's the day after Ash Wednesday. Now begins Lent. Now begins waiting....waiting for the resurrection, waiting for my Lent devotional book to come, waiting for the house to sell, for my marriage to get better, my kids to obey (ha!), my house to clean itself, waiting till I get my act together, waiting for God to show up, waiting for my newborn to sleep through the night, waiting for the basement to be refinished, waiting for my heart to become soft, waiting and waiting. And although Dr. Seuss proports otherwise in his famous Oh, The Places You'll Go, I don't think this waiting place is “most useless.”

Now I'm waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven. Yesterday I tried to make chocolate chip cookie dough.. yum... my favorite...with Giradelli chips. And this is why I couldn't exactly give up sweets for Lent because on the night of Ash Wednesday this dough was in my refrigerator and how could I cheat first thing? It's a little ironic too since they are the worst batch I've ever made. I didn't realize that I didn't have the two eggs the recipe called for so I stowed the bowl in the fridge until I could quick get to the 7-Eleven for a dozen. Mixed 'em in today, cooked it up and these look nothing like cookies. It came out mush mash, albeit tasty mush. It made me think, “This is kinda like life for me now. I wait and anticipate something good and I get this mash. I think I know the recipe for making it work but it's turning out pretty messy and not the form I thought it'd take.”

Maybe I can make a brownie or at the least some ice cream topping. I'll have to wait and see.